Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 2 Not working

Although day 1 was everything I had hoped it would be day 2 is in the running. I slept unti 8:00 today...that is real sleeping in at my house. Did some laundry in preparation to a quick run to my Mom's. Have a couple of things to do for her then return home for the rest of my week.

Many job submissions are in the works and more to come I am sure. I have a couple of perm things I want to submit for on my own. Not sure I would remember how to be a perm employee but I could probably work into. After consulting for 14 years, most of the time, it would be a novelty. I have felt pretty much like a job gypsy with makes it difficult to form close work relationships. This has been more apparent with my last contract, I think because I worked with several consultans from my company.

Normally, I am the only consultant from my company on my team. I think I was able to come much closer this time also because all of the consultants were officed together. Unlike on my other contracts, I miss the rest. I think we are going to do something soon after work. That will be nice to see them.

I have been able to get some good knitting time in. I finished the red ON Line socks last week so I started a new pair last night from JAWoll for the road. Sock one is almost done so probably the second one will be done this week. That will be another one off of the sock list.

I think I am ready for something totally new and different. Have not decided just yet what it will be but I think I am interested in maybe some mitered squares and rectangles then maybe some lace. I still have a shawl to do so maybe I will start that too.

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