Friday, October 12, 2007

This weekend I am dog sitting for some friends. They have a wonderful dog Gracie. Not to be confused with my cat Gracie. Gracie, the dog, is a mixed breed. I think she got the best of each. She is such a neat little friend. I am staying with her so she can be in her own home. Besides I am not sure she would enjoy getting to know my Gracie. Also, I have the dogs next door who play in my back yard a lot. I am not sure she would like getting aquainted with them either.

Of course, I am knitting while I am sitting. Althought I already have some socks started, I started another pair. The reason being that today was my day attend the Speaking of Women's Health conference. I wanted something that I could take with me to work on there. The coriolis socks were not a good candidate for this event. So I started a pair for another person on my Sock List.

Getting back to the Speaking of Women's Health conference. If you have not heard of it or have been to one you need to check it out. This the 10th year and I have been to all of them. It is an all day conference for must women's stuff. It is a lot of fun and you come away with arms loaded with goodies. If you are interested in going some day you need to order your ticket early because it is so popular now that it sells out very quickly. I highly recommend it.

Other than the sock I have not knitted much this week. Not sure why but I guess I just was not in the mood. This mood does not usually last very long until I am off and knitting again.

My friend Chelle is into crochet now, have just learned to do a granny square. I am very proud of her for developing this new skill. It can be very helpful even in knitting. I have not crocheted in some time but I may be inclined to so some soon. Who knows.


ChelleC said...

Carol, don't worry, I'm still into knitting too! I will never stop knitting, but I do really find crochet fun.

That women's health day sounds fun. Maybe I'll go next year.

Laura said...

Carol is right! I pooped around too long this year for the tickets and missed out entirely. Ah well, next year will be here too soon.