Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not WORKING Update

For those of you who might be interested in what my Gracie kitty looks like, here she is in all her lazy glory. She is a 5 year old calico who I adopted from the shelter after my lovely dog Holly died. She mainly was brought home to help my elderly Siamese cat to get over grieving for the dog. She died over Labor Day so now it is just me and Gracie. Although, there is a possibility of a new puppy in the Spring, depending on what I am doing at the time.

This is the middle of week 2 not working. I could really get use to this if it paid better. Next week I will start unemployment if something does not come up this week. I have been making good use of my time as you can see. The dining room wall is ready to prime and them paint. I just have a little spackle to to do tonight then I am ready. It has been 15 years since I have addressed this room. I definitely think it is time. I think the color is going to be a light sage with a lighter value of the color in the ceiling inset.

Next comes the kitchen followed by the living room. Eventually, the main bathroom and bedrooms will get some attention also. This all is going much slower than it used to as it is more difficult for me to repeatedly go up and down the ladder.

This is the first finished Coriolis sock. It will make a good slipper sock but I think I would like it better done on smaller needles and single thread. I really like the concept.

I could not wait to start on the Hemlock Ring blanket. I really like it and if goes fast but I need to look over my last round. I am off one stitch in one repeat and as I really want to go strictly by the pattern I must correct it. It is going to be really pretty when I get it done. I am on row 35 and the center of the ring goes to row 47 then starts the fan and feather to complete it. That part is pretty straight forward to it should not take long. So stay tuned for up dates.


ChelleC said...

I have been wanting to make one of those Hemlock blankets too.

Laura said...

Hey! I got to row 35 last night, too! Today, I'm sitting in the recliner with a big glass of orange juice, a little glass of Nyquil, and a little Hemlock.

Hope you have fun this weekend!