Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lovely Fall Sunday Afternoon

I am sitting here enjoying the wonder Fall day. I think this is my favorite time of year except for Spring. I especially love the cooler crisp air. As I have gotten older I find I just cannot take the heat. Someday I guess I will have to move where the temps are more moderate. Alas, I am not in a position to do that just yet. Maybe in a few years I can accomplish that.

It was a very cool evening so I did have to break down and set the thermostate to heat so the furnace would come on in case the temp dropped dramatically. Last night I did light the gas logs for a bit just to take the chill off in the living room so the furnace would not come on. My Gracie kitty took full advantage of that. She just have been really chilly in the middle of the night because she came in and got under the covers with me for a snuggle.

On the job front. I may have something starting this week if things work out. It would be long enough to get me through the rest of the year to a time when there are new contracts and new budget money to go with them.


Laura said...

Aww! Gracie is so cute!

ChelleC said...

Did I miss a Gracie pic? Laura must have seen her in person because I just realized, you NEVER show kitty pics here (that I recall).

Sounds like a nice weekend.