Monday, October 22, 2007

My First Day Off

Today was my first day not to work. What a glorious day. I actually enjoyed cleaning. I know I know, but when I have the time that I feel I can really devote to cleaning and I don't feel rushed it is not that bad.

Tomorrow is my day to start removing wallpaper in the dining room and kitchen. Hopefully, it will not take long. The walls were sized and I use Downy in warm water to saturate the paper. It released the past and makes it much easier to remove.

I realized today that I had the plan to paint the rooms post-wallpaper but I had not selected colors. So, this afternoon I went to Lowes and took care of the selection. I selected a Laura Ashley paint which of course is more expensive but the good news is it will not take a whole gallon to do both. I went ahead and picked out the color for the living room as well.

I have been working at getting some things put on my Ravelry. I have loaded some of the books in my library. Next come the queue. I have to get my list finalized. Progress is being made.

I need to finished one item that is almost done so I can start something else fun. As usually, I do have another pair of socks started. I seem to finish one pair and move on to the next. Some are for presents and some are for me.

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